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Arrange-along flowers - mail order (delivery on 2nd August)

Arrange-along flowers - mail order (delivery on 2nd August)

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Get weekly seasonal and scented flowers delivered straight to your door. Each time the flowers will be slightly different, making the most of what is in bloom that week. Lisa will be doing an arrange-along live on YouTube each week, with similar flowers so you can join in with yours!

The flowers will arrive in a box, depending on the flowers this could be a letterbox or a larger bouquet box. This service will be offer to UK only postcodes and the flowers will be sent out next day delivery. 

Flowers will be sent out on Wednesdays for delivery on Thursdays. You must order your flowers by Tuesday at 6pm. There will be a limited number of boxes each week so make sure you sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know when we start offering this!

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